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Ketelaar Frame Works

Ketelaar Frame Works produces a variety of bicycle frame products encompassing Road, Track, CX and Touring/Town builds.


All frames are built to customer specification by 'Reynolds' accredited 'Master Frame Builder', Paul Ketelaar and are the product of 30+ years of experience. Other frame works such as restoration, repairs, modification and painting/refinishing are done. All work is done in house including painting, with a focus on attention to detail across the complete build cycle.


The majority work is done using using only hand tools, methods, practices and time proven skills. In all a unique skill set.

Ketelaar Frame Works produces frame building tooling, encompassing - main frame jig/fixture, fork jig/fixture, fork blade bender and stem jig/fixture. These products are in use by several Australian frame builders.

"I use the hands of a surgeon and the genius of an artist to fuse metals together to build masterpieces borne of steel, heat and sweat."

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