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1988 Columbus Aelle Build- Restoration

This Aelle frame was built in 1988, sold to a John Clark, through Dave Allan's shop at Upper Mt Gravatt. Kev Ryan recently picked it up on Gumtree and I offered to give it a resto. It is in pretty good condition for a 30 year old frame, it will have a good make over, with some minor fitting updates and paint scheme/layout as close to how it looks in the un-restored state. Frame weighs in at 2100gm and the fork at 710gm, from my catalog of Columbus specs the Aelle set weighed in at 2345. Frame fittings used - Bocama Competition 82 lug set, Bocama Super Course BB shell, unstamped Columbus pattern dropouts and Long Shen fork crown, the list of fittings used was recorded on the original job card.

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